What is the difference between adaptive wheelchair and active wheelchair?

Explanation adaptive wheelchair

Adaptivrollstuhl Aktivrollstuhl Vector

The wheelchair type active wheelchair is still used in the linguistic usage, but the name was actually replaced a few years ago by the word adaptive wheelchair. The „adaptive“ means that these wheelchairs can be optimally adapted to the needs of the user. Incidentally, we believe that this should apply to every type of wheelchair.


Explanation active wheelchair

The „active“ in active wheelchairs is of course self-explanatory. The wheelchairs are actively moved by the wheelchair user. The common name is the adaptive wheelchair, so you should better use this new name when submitting a new wheelchair.


Which types of adaptive wheelchairs are available?

Adaptive wheelchairs are available either as a rigid frame wheelchair or as a foldable wheelchair. With their folding mechanism, foldable wheelchairs are often a bit heavier than comparable rigid-frame wheelchairs. Adaptive wheelchairs with a rigid frame usually have a higher stability compared to foldable wheelchairs.

The driving force used transmits better with the rigid frame than with the folding frame. Children´s wheelchairs and tiltable wheelchairs can be adaptive wheelchairs. Especially with these types of diverse adjustment options are very important. Through growth or changed.

Children´s wheelchairs and tiltable wheelchairs can be adaptive wheelchairs various adjustment options are very important especially with these types. Exactly what you need is very important. Through growth or changing requirements you have to be flexible and adapt the wheelchair more often and easily.

Adaptivrollstuhl Aktivrollstuhl Vector für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene

Vector – Active wheelchair with a rigid frame

faltbarer Aktivrollstuhl mit Tartarücken

Jump beta – foldable active wheelchair (here with tarta-back)