Transit safety wheels

Life is full of difficult situations a wheelchair user has to struggle with on a daily basis: Instances of the width of a wheelchair colliding with the width of a door on trains, buses, planes etc. come to mind immediately. Transit wheels appear to be the only solution – if only it wasn’t for the time-consuming, long-winded and annoying procedure of changing the wheels…

We have solved this supposed conflict “anti-tipper vs. transit wheels” by making both components one unit which is permanently mounted to the chair, fulfilling both functions equally.

Transit safety wheels


Made small

With our Transit Safety Wheels, the user won’t even have to leave the wheelchair to demount the rear wheels because the chair is being lifted by approx. 1 cm via the Transit safety wheels – which can be done easily and in no time by just one single person. In fact, with a little bit of practice, the wheelchair user may soon be able to do this task independently. Without the rear wheels, the width of the wheelchair is reduced by about 20 cm and it will therefore fit through almost any door.




The Transit Safety Wheels are possible for:

  • Vector
  • Vector DLS
  • Jump alpha
  • Jump beta Sport
  • Jump beta DLS
  • Tilty Vario


The Transit Safety Wheels may also be mountable on some external brand wheelchairs. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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