Rear wheels

An important aspect when ordering your wheelchair is the Choices for the fitting wheels. Also here we offer you the option to fit your wheelchair to your desires and needs. Find the fitting combination for you consisting of the following rear wheels, handrimstyres and casters.

Wheels Rear wheels

Rear wheels

Rear wheels

We offer rear wheels for our wheelchairs in the sizes 18″ to 26″ and for our mobile standing device Boogie Drive in the sizes 24″ to 36″. Choose your rear wheel from the following options:

Standard wheel

Our standard allround wheel. Equipped for most life situations.

With pneumatic or solid rubber tyres: 1“ or 1 3/8“ width for 20“-26“ diameter



Light weight wheels

Light weight wheels are optimized in their weight features and offer in comparison to standard wheels a weight reduction of almost 0,9 kg per wheel.  Therefore they are suitable for activ drivers. However, drum brakes are not available for light weight wheels.

With pneumatic wheels: 1“ width with 20“-24“ diameter








Profile wheels

The profile wheel combines a standard wheel with a built in handrim. This way not only is the danger of finger injuries minimized, also the gripping options are optimized. Additionally, you can better the grip with silicone covers and ergo-inlays in order to, for example, make driving with the heel of your hand easier.

With pneumatic or solid rubber tyres: 1“ width possible for 20“-36“ diameter, 1 3/8“ width possible for 20″-26“











Special wheels: 12″ wheels

For our model LoopSORG we offer 12“ wheels instead of normal rear wheels without surcharge. In our technical department for customized requests these are also possible on other models. 12″ wheels are a useful equipment option when a wheelchair is used only for pushing and the user should not have access to the wheels.

Pneumatic and flat free tyres: 21/4“ width for 12“ diameter


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