Mio Carbon

Small, lightweight and agile

With its ultra-light carbon equipment (seat plate, firm curved back plate, as well as side guards and foot plate made from very sturdy carbon) the Mio Carbon is even lighter than the Mio and is suitable for strength reduced children. And with its growing ability the Mio Carbon belongs to a long and faithful companion in therapy and daily routine.


Rigid wheelchairs Mio Carbon



  • weight-optimized activity wheelchair for early childhood rehab (from 12 months on)
  • perfect adjustment to each young user’s therapeutic and physical demands
  • seat plate, back plate, activity side guards and foot plate made of highly stable and lightweight carbon
  • two frame versions: Retro- or Taurus-frame with optimized abduction
  • frame sizes from 18 to 30 cm seat width
  • growable in three dimensions
  • many cloth, colour and component options


Carbon features

With its carbon features, the Mio Carbon has a weight advantage in comparison to other wheelchairs. Why does the weight play such a large role? Most of all, children with little strength should be able to easily move the wheelchair forward with their own strength and a light wheelchair is a necessity for this. Additional weight from needed equipment enlarge the strain that the child has to move forward. The little weight of Mio Carbon helps to balance additional weight from therapeutically needed equipment.




Taurus and Retro: 2 frame variations

The Mio Carbon comes in two frame variations…..why?

Two different frame versions (Taurus and Retro frame) do not only have design but support different therapeutic approaches: While the Taurus frame allows much leg room (also with ortheses shoes and other therapeutic aids), the Retro frame can be used as an aid to independently get in and out of the wheelchair or even be used as a walking aid, due to its curved front part. Speak to your doctor/therapist which Mio frame is suitable for your therapy.



Early encouragement

Out of the stroller and in to independent mobility. In order to avoid damages it is important to encourage independent mobility as early as possible (starting at 12 months). Here you can find a press article worth reading on the topic of early encouragement.





Growing function without additional parts

Mio Carbon can grow up to 2 cm in seat width, at least 4 cm in seat depth and up to 5 cm in back height without additional parts and with little hand movements.






Technical details

Technical details Mio Carbon
Sitzbreite 18 – 30 cm (+ 2 cm)
Sitztiefe 18 – 30 cm (+ 4 cm)
Rückenhöhe 17,5 – 35 cm (+ 5 cm)
Unterschenkellänge 15 – 30 cm
Max. Zuladung 50 kg
Antriebsradgrößen 20″, 22″, 24″
Lenkradgrößen 4″ und 5″
Radsturz 7°, 9°, 11°

Therapeutical Approach

Treatment concept

With the Mio Carbon we designed an aid that exactly meets the needs and principles of early childhood rehabilitation: Mio Carbon allows the fostering of the child’s physical, cognitive and perceptional processes at exactly the time that the developing body is by nature prepared for these decisive steps.

All foundations for autonomous mobility – such as upright sitting, crawling, standing and walking – are normally built at an age from approx. 12 to 18 months. If bodily impediments restrict this “normal” development, the Mio Carbon allows fully activating and fulfilling the child’s potential for movement and mobility. All possible forms of consequential damage may thus be avoided in good time. With Mio Carbon, e.g. an effective stimulation of the equilibrium organ can be achieved, where an otherwise missing stimulation could lead to a very restricted development of the child’s autonomous and conscious muscular tonus. Thanks to a combination of upright posture and self-determined mobility, Mio Carbon guarantees an effective foundation for the later development of gross and fine motor skills, without overstraining its little user.

Due to its optimized lightweight and compact construction, Mio Carbon grants a smooth and easy handling in therapy and daily life at all times. Anatomically formed seat and back cushions perfectly support the child’s upright posture without restraining their urge to move. And the flexibility of the back unit allows an easy adjustment of the perfect seat position for an energy-saving, active or stable handling. This way the child’s muscular tonus is trained up playfully and unconsciously while Mio Carbon’s little users curiously explore a world that is gradually growing with them.



Since Mio Carbon is growable in all dimensions, this activity chair also contributes to the necessity of long-term cost reductions in the health service sector. And thanks to its clever and stylish design, this chair is more than just an “aid”; Mio Carbon is a reliable and loyal companion in the challenges of therapy and the adventures of daily life.


Standard version

  • rigid aluminum frame with V-shaped abduction
  • extendable seat width (2 cm), seat depth (min. 4 cm) and back height (5 cm)
  • frame versions Taurus or Retro
  • back angle adjustable steplessly from 80-120°
  • Carbon packet consisting of: firm curved back plate, seat plate, side guards and foot plate
  • seat position for active driving can be adjusted easily and steplessly
  • super-light-weight wheels, pneumatic (with very light cover)
  • built in Bowden cable brake in wheel cover
  • caster wheels with aluminum forks in many different variations
  • many different finish alternatives: shiny, metallic, coarse structured and dormant


Further equipment components

  • anatomically formed seat and back cushions
  • seat and back cushions in many different colours and patterns
  • push handles and bars adjustable in height and angle
  • hundreds of different spoke cover designs
  • Outdoor-Front-End and special tyres
  • safety wheels and much more


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