The brakes of a wheelchair should not only guarantee the safety of its user but they should also be adjusted perfectly to the respective anatomical demands.  You are sure to find the right combination option for you in our wide range of brake types and brake levers.


Brake Types

Brake Types

Knee Lever Brake

Many of our wheelchairs are equipped with the knee lever brake as their standard brake. It ensures easy operation as well as reliable safety in every-day life and therapy, and it may be combined with an drum brake. With the knee lever brake you can choose from three different models:

  • Standard The standard knee lever brake is operated by pushing and cannot be locked.
  • Lockable knee lever brake A latch is used to lock the brake standing still or while driving.
  • Pull to Lock In contrast to the standard knee lever brake, the pull to lock knee lever brake is operated by pulling.


Bowden Cable Brake

The Bowden cable brake is integrated into the clothing guard side parts. It can easily and intuitively be operated via the serially-installed ball handle. Operable not only as a locking brake but also as a driving brake, it is particularly suitable for active drivers.






Drum Brake

The drum brake is the heaviest but yet the most functional of our brake types. Equipped with an attendant brake, the drum brake is the ideal option for passive drivers. It guarantees highest safety especially in hilly areas because its function is not impaired by humidity, tyre pressure or tyre profile.









One-hand brake

The function of the one-hand brake is basically the same as that of the knee lever brake – with the difference that it is operated on only one side of the wheelchair. The opposite side is connected to the operation side via a cable pull. The additional effort of closing the second brake is compensated by the mounting of a lever of corresponding length.



Brake levers

Brake levers

For our knee lever brakes, we offer the option of a brake lever extension corresponding to the user’s needs. You may choose between two basic versions, each of which offer further specification options:

Straight brake lever extension: This version extends the brake lever by 6 cm upwards in a straight line. It is available with a standard end cap, ball knob, or golf ball.

Cranked brake lever extension: This version extends the brake lever by 12 cm. The extension is slightly bent towards the seat and wheelchair user, and it is available with a standard end cap, ball knob, or golf ball.

See some of the combination options below:


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