Tiltable wheelchairs

Advantages of a tiltable wheelchair

A tiltable wheelchair is thanks to its pivotal displacement, able to tilt the entire seat unit, so the seat and the backrest to the rear. By this cornering of the seat unit, the user of the wheelchair can easily change between tiring sitting phase and relaxing lying phase, whereby specifically the buttocks and the spine are specifically loaded and unloaded. In addition, the tilting activates the cardiovascular system, respiration and sensory integration (perception) of the user.

Tiltable wheelchair for children, adolescents and adults

Children always give everything – they want to be always and everywhere and above all, miss nothing. They often reach their physical limits. Children without handicaps get their rest periods, for example by lying down for a short time. In children with disabilities – despite wheelchair – this resting phase can be created when a tiltable wheelchair is used. By tilting the child can be brought into a relaxed lying position without having to leave the tool. For pediatric users, this phase change is especially important. That is why we build children’s tiltable wheelchairs suitable for these users. These foldable children’s wheelchairs offer the children a maximum of personal activity. All dimensions are designed so that the wheelchair can drive well and independently.

But also for adolescents and adults, the function of the alternating phases can be of great importance. The change between lying and sitting can take the strain off the spine, strengthens the complete metabolism, the autonomic nervous system, the complete cardiovascular system and can also be used to activate or to build and maintain the entire muscle tone or individual muscle groups.

For this reason, SORG Rollstuhltechnik has developed various tiltable wheelchairs that can be used from the earliest childhood to adulthood. The tiltable wheelchairs adapt to their individual users and their course of therapy and enable a more active participation in society.

Mio Move with steering and pushing assistance
Mio Move – Tilt wheelchair for children

Mio Move

The tiltable children’s wheelchair Mio Move, is the perfect combination of a rehab buggy and an active wheelchair. The Mio Move offers the possibility to switch between active and passive phases at any time, without the child having to change the aid. A rehab buggy as a further aid is therefore superfluous.

Tilty Vario

With the tilting wheelchair Tilty Vario, a growing active wheelchair has been developed, which also gives passive children, adolescents and adults the opportunity to gradually build up and expand their degree of activity and thus their mobility and autonomy.

Tilty Vario – Tilt wheelchair
Seat shell base Loop SORG


The foldable and growing LoopSORG is the ideal base for teenager and adults who need to be positioned in a seat shell. The seat shell base frame LoopSORG can adapt to the often-rapid changes of its users and their supply – with regard to size, course of therapy and change in the clinical picture.


Based on the seat shell base frame LoopSORG, we have developed the LoopSORG RS. A growing wheelchair for children, adolescents and adults weighing up to 120 kg. It can be adapted just as easily and individually to the most varied requirements and treatment courses as its namesake the LoopSORG. In contrast to the LoopSORG seat shell base, the LoopSORG RS is equipped with a back (Rücken) and seat (Sitz) system, from where its name is derived (RS). The back and seat system are available in the standard or in the ERGO version, which is specially designed for individual and optimal body guidance.

Alternatively, there is sufficient space and installation options for a custom and specially adapted seat shell available from medical supply store.

Tilt wheelchair Loop RS

All wheelchairs from SORG with tilt mechanism offer users an extensive range of equipment and are suitable for numerous forms of therapy thanks to the modular system

Convince yourself of our tiltable wheelchair. We are also happy to provide you with a suitable demo wheelchair via a medical supply store in your area.

Do you have special needs that cannot be reproduced with our tiltable models and their extensive equipment options? No problem – contact us. Our customized products team is happy to develop a suitable and individual solution for your needs.

Overview of the tiltable wheelchairs from SORG

Kantelbarer Kinder-Aktivrollstuhl

Mio Move

Kantelbarer Rollstuhl Tilty Vario titangrau

Tilty Vario

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Dynamis TSD