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rigid wheelchair Mio

Advantages of a rigid wheelchair

Wheelchairs with a welded or glued-on frame have a decisive advantage over folding wheelchairs. The applied force acts directly on the wheels and is converted into kinetic energy without great losses. This is extremely important, especially for weak or power-reduced users. Moreover the frame with folding mechanism absorbs this energy in part from the various joint parts of the wheelchair. So less muscle power is converted into kinetic energy. At the same time, rigid wheelchairs are much lighter than foldable wheelchairs because they lack the heavy folding mechanism.

All these features provide such excellent driving characteristics that even the very youngest from around 12 months can independently move in their wheelchair and discover their environment.


Rigid wheelchairs for children

Sweep the bends, chase the others, and get where the other kids are. Just be there. Part of a community. In the middle of it, instead of outside. This is possible if the missing mobility is well compensated.

Especially for children with reduced mobility it is important that they can keep up with the other children right from the start. Then they learn that they are just as valuable as any other children. This strengthens their self-esteem. And it makes them autonomous in their small area early on. Because there is a lot to discover.

With the children’s wheelchairs Mio, Mio Carbon and Mio Move, SORG has developed a concept for early care so that children with limited mobility (depending on the particular clinical picture) can actively shape their lives. For this reason, every wheelchair in the Mio family, like all other SORG models, is custom-made to the individual needs of the user.


The Mio-Family

Kinderrollstuhl Mio - SORG

wheelchair for children Mio

The children’s active wheelchair Mio is a lightweight rigid wheelchair for children from about 12 months, specially developed for early childhood education. It compensates very well for its limitation in mobility and range of action. And he supports her physical development right from the start, so that the small users can independently explore their world. Thanks to the innovative lightweight construction, that it´s growable and its shapely and functional design, this active wheelchair guarantees the greatest mobility and support in the natural development of its small users.





Mio Carbon
Carbon-Rollstuhl Mio Carbon

Carbon-wheelchair Mio Carbon

The ultra-light children’s wheelchair Mio Carbon is a very small, agile wheelchair for children (seat width up to 30 cm). Seat plate, firm curved back plate, active side panels and foot plate are made of ultra-light and highly stable carbon. Therefore Mio Carbon is especially suitable for all children with reduced strength and reduced muscle tone. Through its growable function Mio Carbon remains a long-standing and reliable companion in therapy and everyday life.






Starrrahmenrollstuhl Mio Move

rigid wheelchair Mio Move

Mio Move

The tiltable children’s wheelchair Mio Move is, as third in the league, by its tiltable-function the perfect combination of rehab buggy and active wheelchair. In Mio Move, the child can switch between active and passive phases at any time, without having to change the aid. A rehab buggy as an additional aid is therefore superfluous.



Retro- und Stierrahmen

Mio Retro frame and Mio Taurus frame



All Mio variants are available in two different frame shapes (retro or taurus shape). And all Mio variants are available in two different types of abduction.






Rigid wheelchairs for adolescent and adults


With the Vector family, we offer another option for wheelchair supplies in the rigid frame area, which was designed especially for adolescents and adults from a seat width of 26 cm. A special feature of the Vector family is the enormous range of therapeutic options. And: Each Vector can be adapted at any time to possible changes in the clinical picture or course of therapy. Also belated.

Adaptivrollstuhl Aktivrollstuhl Vector für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene

rigid wheelchair Vector



The Vector is the follow-up model for all those, who have outgrown their Mio or their children’s wheelchair. Vector is extremely versatile, variably applicable, shapely and exceptionally stable. All physiological parameters can be fine-tuned to the possibilities of the user.






Adaptivrollstuhl / Aktivrollstuhl Vector BSA mit abnehmbaren Beinstützen

Starrrahmenrollstuhl Vector BSA

Vector DLS

Vector DLS (DLS = detachable leg support) can be adjusted to the physiological possibilities of his user, just as finely as his brother of the same name, however, he offers an additional function of adaptation through the detachable leg support. This allows the user to approach much closer to the everyday things of life. The transfer into / out of the wheelchair can take place closer to the body and therefore can be handled by the user on his own. Or he can use the residual forces in his legs for tripping.





Overview about the rigid wheelchairs from SORG

Do you have special needs that cannot reflect our extensive equipment options and our order sheet options? – No problem. Take advantage of our customized products. We probably already have the right solution for you or develop it together with you. Challenge us.