Rigid or foldable wheelchair?

The Advantages and disadvantages of rigid or rather foldable wheelchairs

When buying a new wheelchair as a wheelchair user or caregiver you should think in advance. Ask questions. Here is a compilation of questions and answers that will explain your decision for or against a rigid wheelchair or foldable wheelchair.


How and where should the wheelchair be used?

One of these questions is whether you would prefer a foldable wheelchair or a rigid wheelchair. Both wheelchair variants have their strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, the area of ​​use (places of use, possibilities or restrictions of the user, duration of use, etc.) of the future wheelchair should be discussed right at the beginning of the wheelchair supply, and advantages and disadvantages should be weighed up.


Do I have enough space in my wheelchair?

The space question is another criterion that often enters into the decision whether it should be a folding wheelchair or a rigid frame wheelchair. If you have enough space in the car, in the house or the apartment you are not restricted in your choice. If this is not the case, then a foldable wheelchair should be considered, as the foldable wheelchair is space-saving thanks to its folding option. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the folding mechanism needed for folding inevitably increases the total weight of the wheelchair.

Tip / Note: The dimensions of children’s wheelchairs are limited, which is why in this area rarely foldable wheelchairs are supplied or offered.


Which wheelchair has the better power conversion?

An important question should also be whether the user has sufficient strength to power a foldable wheelchair. Since the folding mechanism must of course be movable in a folding wheelchair. The drive energy expended by the user is thereby absorbed in the individual joint parts of the wheelchair. Less of the available muscle power is converted into motion. In addition, a folding wheelchair brings with the folding mechanism an increased total weight. Rigid wheelchairs, on the other hand, either have a welded or high-strength bonded frame, from which power-reduced users benefit. The supplied kinetic energy can be transferred to the wheels in rigid wheelchairs. In addition, the frame is kept minimalist in a rigid wheelchair.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of a foldable wheelchair?

If the user is traveling a lot, then a foldable wheelchair is often very helpful, because it can adapt faster to unknown situations while traveling. The frame of foldable wheelchairs consists of a built-in cross strut, which folds the wheelchair to save space. The foldable wheelchair, which can become a small, compact package, is the perfect companion for daily transport to school, to work but also while traveling. With a removable seat plate, the foldable wheelchair can also gain almost the same stability and torsional stiffness as a rigid wheelchair. Nevertheless, the increased weight of folding wheelchairs, which is caused by the crossbrace, should always be taken into account. In addition, less muscle power can be converted into kinetic energy in foldable wheelchairs, as part of the energy is absorbed by the various joint parts of the weighty crossbrace.




The most important features of a foldable wheelchair

Pro Contra
Quick and easy to fold into a small, compact package More weight through the folding mechanism
Simplified transport Less warp resistant than a rigid wheelchair



The Jump-Family – the foldable wheelchairs from SORG

Following an overview about the different foldable wheelchairs from SORG.

Jump alphaJump alpha gefalteter Rollstuhl

The foldable active wheelchair Jump alpha is a true “inclusive” all-rounder. The folding wheelchair for children and adolescents provides optimum support, excellent adjustment options and driving characteristics. Jump alpha enables children in many different situations.





faltbarer Rollstuhl - Jump beta SportJump beta Sport

The Jump beta Sport is the “big brother” of Jump alpha. It is a foldable active wheelchair for teenagers and adults from a seat width of 30 cm with all the features of Jump alpha. Its range of equipment and options is even more extensive. With Jump beta, another sustainable resource concept has been developed that offers the user a highly individualized wheelchair supply, far from any standards possible.




Jump beta DLSGefalteter Rollstuhl

The foldable wheelchair Jump beta DLS is another member of the Jump family. In contrast to the Jump beta, the Jump beta DLS has a frame with completely removable and outwardly swiveling legrests. The user can approach much closer to the things of everyday life. Its extensive range of equipment allows a wide therapeutic range.All models of the Jump family offer a huge range of equipment. Thanks to the modular system, they are suitable for numerous forms of therapy.




The Advantages and disadvantages of a rigid wheelchair?

The rigid wheelchairs are characterized by a firmly bolted or glued frame. This has the advantage that the wheelchair remains torsionally stiff while driving and thereby the kinetic energy supplied to it is almost completely transferred to the wheels. Due to the missing folding mechanism, the chair is lighter overall than a foldable wheelchair. The disadvantage of a rigid wheelchair is that the frame must be loaded as a whole and thus the transport for larger wheelchairs can be a problem.





The most important features of a rigid wheelchair in the overview:

Pro Contra
Better power conversion Transport problematically because of the bulky wheelchair
Less weight than a foldable wheelchair  Gewicht als ein Faltrollstuhl
More warp resistant



The rigid wheelchairs from SORG in the overview:

Following the rigid wheelchairs from SORG in the overview:

Mio (Design 2018)

The children’s active wheelchair Mio (Design 2018) is a lightweight rigid wheelchair for children from about 12 months, specially developed for early childhood education. It compensates very well for its limitation in mobility and range of action. And it supports the physical development right from the start, so that the small users can independently explore their world. Thanks to the innovative lightweight construction, the growable-function and its shapely and functional design, this active wheelchair guarantees the greatest mobility and support in the natural development of its small users.



LeichtgewichtsrollstuhlMio Carbon (Design 2018)

The ultra-light children’s wheelchair Mio Carbon (Design 2018) is a very small, agile wheelchair for children (seat width up to 30 cm). Seat plate, dump back, active side panels and foot plate are made of ultra-light and highly stable carbon. That’s why Mio Carbon (Design 2018) is particularly suitable for all children with reduced strength and reduced muscle tone. Through its co-growth function Mio Carbon (Design 2018) remains a long-standing and reliable companion in therapy and everyday life.

All Mio variants are available in two different frame shapes (retro or taurus shape). And all Mio variants are available in two different types of abduction.


VectorAdaptivrollstuhl Aktivrollstuhl Vector für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene

The Vector is the successor to all those who have outgrown their Mio or their children’s wheelchair. Vector is extremely versatile, shapely and exceptionally stable. All physiological parameters can be fine-tuned to the user’s options.



Abgeschwenkte Beinstützen an Aktivrollstuhl Vector BSAVector DLS

Vector DLS (DLS = detachable leg support) can also be fine-tuned to the physiological possibilities of its user as its brother of the same name, however, it offers an additional function of the adjustment by the detachable legrests. This allows the user to approach much closer to the things of everyday life. The transfer into / out of the wheelchair can take place closer to the body and therefore can be handled by the user on his own. Or he can use the residual forces in his legs for tripping.




Here is an overview of the rigid and foldable wheelchairs from SORG



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