Quality Management


As a medical device manufacturer we are aware of the high responsibility towards the users of our products and their unique life situations.

It is our highest priority to offer products, services and guidance that only correspond with the individual needs and desires of unique people but also exceed them.

In our company processes, proceedings and procedures are implemented that make sure that our products allow the greatest possible quality of life and create the ideal therapeutic use for individuals. All processes and handlings by SORG are meant for constant improvement of self-achievements and increasing the individual use of our products.

Our Quality-Management-System is certified according to the Norm ISO 9001. Compliance with all requirements for the provision of services from development to product discountination and spare parts supply, for no longer produced  models is guaranteed. The independent yearly auditing from an approved certifying company and the issuance of a certificate confirms the use and efficiency of the SORG Quality-Management-System in compliance with the Norm ISO 9001.

Download Certificate ISO 9001