Wheelchair for lying on your stomach


A wheelchair for a user whose torso and upper limbs had almost developed „normal“ size, but who showed signs of extreme Dysmelia from the Th10 (Pars thoracalis) down and whose lower body is very behind in development.  Due to this, it is not possible for him to sit or stand straight, because his pelvis cannot hold the weight of his upper body. Additionally, the whole muscle tone from the Th10 down is weak, whereby a stabilization in an upright position couldn’t even be reached with a seat shell.



With this wheelchair to lie on your stomach (a corresponding shell was added) the user  can move his wheelchair forward on his own. For this the driving wheels were place in the front so that he can operate them lying down and with his face in driving direction. In the active phases the wheelchair is tilted 35° so that he can communicate better. The locking brakes have been mounted within reach, as well as the bin for his oxygen appliances so that he can handle it also without help from others.


SORG customized solutions – always a good solution.

Customized products Wheelchair for lying on your stomach