Of course you will also find the right tire for the right drive wheel. Whether puncture-proof, very smooth or other special tires, choose your tires according to your needs. Have you already looked at the different hand rim options?

By the way, you can find the right spoke cover for your tire here.

Wheels Tyres



Standard Tyres

Our standard tyres allow you to choose without a surcharge and dependent on the desired comfort.

Pneumatic Standard

This tyre combines the comfort of pneumatic tyres and the resistant of PU tyres. A little wider than the Schwalbe Right Run, yet in comparison it lacks smoothness, but is also without surcharge.




Flat free Standard

This classic under the wheelchair tyres is a real carefree package. Compared to pneumatic tyres you may lose driving comfort, but you never have to worry about possible flats or air pressure. This is because this tyre is made of resistant and long life polyurethane and is also available without surcharge







Special tyres

For a small additional price we also offer further special tyres, particularly useful for higher demands:

Schwalbe Marathon Plus

These tyres combine the smoothness and comfort of pneumatic tyres with the security of flat free solid tyres. Schwalbe’s SmartGuard® flat-free mechanism guarantees a free and safe journey at any time. Furthermore, the 2grip® technology grants perfectly smooth side faces to protect your hands.