Side guards

In addition to our standard side guards we offer a wide range of special side guards for your individual needs. These are supplemented by arm pads of various lengths and adjustment options.

Back and seat Side guards

Side Guards

Overview side guards

Standard side guards

For all of our wheelchairs we offer standard side guards which are suitable for most needs of therapy and everyday life. This allows further mounting options such as arm rests and/or wheel covers.

Clothes guard-side guard

The clothes guard-side guards are a combination of synthetic side guards and aluminum parts. They have an attractive and shiny carbon-appearance and can, depending on the model, be combined with standard locking brakes or integrated cable brakes.

Side guard with clothes guard and built-in cable brake

Side guard with clothes guard (without built-in brake)

Wheel cover for seat shell base frame Loop




Desk side guard

To drive up to tables and other special demands. We offer a wide range of desk side guards that offer individual adjustments and further functions. The optional available arm rests are adjustable in height.

Arm pads

Arm pads

Supplementing our side guards, we offer a variety of arm pads. They are not only available in different lengths, but may also, depending on the model, be adjusted in angle, height, and distance.

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