Rollback blocking

Thanks to this patented SORG solution, there is no more need to be afraid of any kind of ascending slopes: Using a specifically designed mechanism, the rollback blocking reliably prevents the wheelchair from rolling backwards on slopes, ramps, etc. This system works automatically and without any delays, for the rollback blocking only blocks backwards wheel movements without affecting forwards movements at all.

This enables the wheelchair user to ascend slopes comfortably and independently without hastily push-pulling the wheels to advance – they may even stop for a little break along the way without the aid of an attendant. Similarly, the attendant may halt without having to use the brakes, which is a great advantage if you are dealing with heavier weight (e.g. a seat shell) considering that the slope does not have to be mastered all at once. The rollback blocking is attached to the rear wheel and may easily be switched on and off as needed.

Brakes Rollback blocking

Mounting information

The rollback blocking is possible on

  • Vector
  • LoopSORG
  • Jump alpha
  • Jump beta Sport
  • Jump beta DLS
  • Tilty Vario











The order sheets of the individual wheelchair models provide the option of ordering this feature or you may request them as a spare part. We are glad to help you.

It may also be possible to mount this feature on external brands. In this case, please send us a picture of the locking brake and name the respective model – or give us a call.

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