Outdoor frontend with transportation option


The outdoor frontend is really useful when you’re “on the road”. Whether in uneven terrain or just in the city when shopping, everywhere there are situations in which, alone with the small castors, you can get big problems. If you want to transport something (not too heavy) as an independent wheelchair person, it often looks even worse. This problem urgently needed a solution.



The user of this blue Jump alpha wanted a sturdy and detachable folding box on his outdoor frontend. We were able to fulfill the request and provided the outdoor frontend with two cross struts. A sturdy folding box has been fitted with suitable clip holders so that it can be quickly and yet stably clipped in and out. (The folding box is only available in light gray with red handles.)


On the (green) LoopSORG seat shell base, a device holder was attached to the back and another transport option for medical devices was attached to the matching outdoor frontend. Thus, his user is prepared for all necessary equipment and requirements.



SORG Customized products – always a good solution.

Customized products Outdoor frontend with transportation option

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