Outdoor front end

Supposedly easy everyday tasks often pose a real challenge for wheelchair drivers: uneven ground, gravel paths, tram rails, potholes, forest tracks, and the like. Even trying to get to the kindergarden may turn into an unpleasant adventure because the small casters are not suitable for the cobblestone pavements you find in many pedestrian areas.

SORG has created a simple and clever solution, opening up whole new worlds: the Outdoor Front End. It enables the wheelchair user to navigate on their everyday paths a lot more easily, and in many cases even entirely independently. Furthermore, the Outdoor Front End offers an ideal pushing aid with which both the wheelchair user and their attendant may overcome their daily obstacles with significantly less effort.

Additional equipment Outdoor front end



For every wheelchair a compatible outdoor front end

TELESCOPIC outdoor front end for models Vector, Jump alpha, Jump beta, Tilty Vario, LoopSORG

Outdoor front end for Mio und Mio Carbon

Outdoor front end for model Mio Move











Splash guard









The Splash guard is optionally available for all outdoor front ends


The mounting is possible at:

  • Mio
  • Mio Carbon
  • Vector
  • Vector BSA
  • Jump alpha
  • Jump beta
  • Tilty Vario
  • LoopSORG
  • Loop RS
  • Mio Move



Downloads Outdoor Front End

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