Mio (Design 2018)

Children’s wheelchair in a new design and with even more options

What’s new in the new Mio (Design 2018)? In short: even more possible dimensions and even more possible equipment.

Thanks to the upgrade the new Mio (Design 2018) used for seat widths from 18 cm to 34 cm (in each case growing + 2 cm without additional parts), seat depths from 18 cm to 36 cm (+4 cm without additional parts) and back height from 17,5 cm to 40 cm (+5 cm without additional parts). In addition, the already extensive range of equipment has been supplemented by other options. All this makes the Mio (Design 2018) the perfect children’s active wheelchair, for the early support of the little ones (already from 12 months) and far beyond.

Rigid wheelchairs Mio (Design 2018)



  • Child active wheelchair for early support (from 12 months old)
  • Always individually made for you
  • Optimal adaptation to the needs of its users
  • Innovative lightweight and compact design for easy handling and maximum stability
  • Two frame options: retro or taurus frame with the greatest possible abduction
  • Option to grow in three dimensions (seat width, seat depth, seat height)
  • Countless color, fabric and equipment options
  • Back angle adjustable: SCREWED from 80° to 100° (in 5°-Steps) or RASTER from 78° bis 114°
  • German Aid Index Number:


back sight of Mio children´s wheelchair

Back units WITH or WITHOUT back tubes

On the Mio (Design 2018) you can choose between two different back systems. The back system WITHOUT back tubes is lighter than the back system WITH back tubes, because the firm curved back plate is directly mounted to the side guards.

At the back system WITH back tubes you can choose between the firm curved back plate or (and this is also new) an adjustable back cover. Should the back need to be angle adjustable and fold down to the front – then this is also available. Choose the suitable version in the order form of the Mio (Design 2018).



More possible measurementsMio - active wheelchair for children

With the pediatric children’s wheelchair Mio (Design 2018) our customers have requested additional seat widths, seat heights and back heights. Naturally, we have taken these wishes into account in the redesign of the Mio, so now you have even more options for using the new Mio (Design 2018). The seat width is now up to 34 cm, the seat depth up to 36 cm and the back height up to 40 cm possible. Additionally, the Mio (Design 2018), as well as the one before, can grow up to 2 cm in seat width, up to 4 cm in seat depth and up to 5 cm in back height without additional parts. Our customers also had the desire for lower seat heights. We were able to accomplish this too. From now on, seat heights starting at 31,5 cm can be chosen via order form.


Awesome wheelchair for kids

Wheel base extension

When using the wheel base extension the distance increases between the center of gravity of the user and the axis of the driving wheel. This makes the wheelchair more stable against tipping, which can be particularly useful for tiltable wheelchairs and for inexperienced users.



Mio wheelchair is a long-term companionWheelchair for kids

The Mio (Design 2018)  can be converted into a larger wheelchair even after the maximum seat widening, with conversion parts. This makes it possible to adapt the children’s wheelchair to the course of therapy and the measurements of the user and makes the Mio (Design 2018) a long-term companion.


Mio children´s wheelchair

Early wheelchair mobility for more independence

Out of the stroller – into independent mobility. The “want to be mobile“ has been with us since birth. In order to avoid possible consequential damage, independent movement is essential even in the case of limited physical conditions and must be supported as early as possible (as early as 12 months). The new Mio Design 2018 offers children exactly this, to move independently and explore the world.


Two frame versions taurus and retro

Two versions of Mio wheelchair for children

Mio wheelchair with Retro frame and Taurus frame

Just as with our carbon wheelchair Mio Carbon (Design 2018) the Mio (Design 2018) also has two frame versions. Why? Both different frame versions (taurus frame and retro frame) don’t only have a design function, but also support different therapeutic approaches: The taurus frame offers more legroom thanks to the open frame shape and getting in and out sideways is made possible. Furthermore, it is possible to get closer to tables or other objects with the wheelchair. The retro frame on the other hand can be used as help to get in (for example, by using the upper frame as a handle) and also provides lateral guidance. Discuss with your doctor or therapist which frame shape is the best solution for your child’s therapy and transport in everyday life.

Technical details

Technical details Mio (Design 2018)
Seat width 18 – 34 cm (+ 2 cm)
Seat depth 18 – 36 cm (+ 4 cm)
Back height 17,5 – 40 cm (+ 5 cm)
Lower leg length 15 to 37 cm
weight capacity 50 kg
wheel sizes 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″
caster size 4″ and 5″
wheel camber 7°, 9° and 11 °
Back angle 80°-100° or 78°-114°

Treatment concept

Treatment concept

Mio is an activity wheelchair especially developed and designed for the tasks of early childhood rehabilitation. Thanks to Mio’s innovative lightweight and compact construction and its stylish design, this highly active wheelchair grants a maximum of mobility and support for its little user’s natural development.

With the help of the principles for early rehabilitation, such an exact aid could be developed for the earliest age which allows the perceptual and sensitizing process at the right time. Which is when the child’s body is set naturally to the development steps.

All foundations for autonomous mobility – such as upright sitting, crawling, standing and walking – are normally built at an age from approx. 12 to 18 months. If bodily impediments restrict this “normal” development, the new Mio allows fully activating and fulfilling the child’s potential for movement and mobility. All possible forms of consequential damage may thus be avoided in good time. With Mio, e.g. an effective stimulation of the equilibrium organ can be achieved, where an otherwise missing stimulation could lead to a very restricted development of the child’s autonomous and conscious muscular tonus. Thanks to a combination of upright posture and self-determined mobility, Mio guarantees an effective foundation for the later development of gross and fine motor skills, without overstraining its little user.


Lightweight wheelchair with easy handling

Due to its optimized lightweight and compact construction, Mio  grants a smooth and easy handling in therapy and daily life at all times. Anatomically formed seat and back cushions perfectly support the child’s upright posture without restraining their urge to move. And the flexibility of the back unit allows an easy adjustment of the perfect seat position for an energy-saving, active or stable handling. This way the child’s muscular tonus is trained up playfully and unconsciously while Mio’s little users curiously explore a world that is gradually growing with them.

Since Mio is growable in all dimensions, this new activity chair also contributes to the necessity of long-term cost reductions in the health service sector. And thanks to its clever and stylish design, this chair is more than just an “aid”; Mio is a reliable and loyal companion in the challenges of therapy and the adventures of daily life.

Equipment components

Basic equipment

  • Rigid aluminum frame with a v-shaped abduction
  • Growable in seat width (2 cm), seat depth (min. 4 cm) and back height (5 cm)
  • Frame versions taurus or retro
  • Back angle from 80 – 120° or 78 – 114° freely adjustable
  • Sitting position for active driving easy and steplessly adaptable
  • Seat plate aluminum for optimal pelvic support, by request with seat inclination
  • Standard wheels, lightweight wheels or profile wheels with built in hand rims, each with quick-release axles, pneumatic or puncture proof
  • Cable control brake built in to wheel cover
  • Casters with aluminum fork in different variants



Further equipment components

  • Anatomically formed seat and back units
  • Seat and back cushion in many different colors
  • Foot plate can be adjusted steplessly in height, depth and angle, on request can fold back
  • Firm curved back plate, back cover and angle adjustable back
  • Height and angle adjustable push handles or push bail
  • Different positioning aids (head rests and abduction wedge)
  • Hundreds of different spoke covers
  • Outdoor-Front-End and special tires
  • Therapy table and drinking bottle
  • Transport bracket system
  • Anodized color package
  • Anti-tipper and much more…


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