Jump alpha

The inclusive allrounder

Jump alpha can do a lot for an inclusive life starting with the assistance for a largely natural development to the early and fundamental experience of mobility to being a real support in many situations. Therefore, Jump alpha is a real ‘inclusive’ allrounder.


Foldable wheelchairs Jump alpha



Customized individually to fit your measurements and needs.

  • Jump alpha embodies a new generation of foldable wheelchairs: minimized package size, optimized flexibility and highest stability
  • Jump alpha is suitable for children AND adults: reliable, flexible, versatile. Just like its user.
  • Jump alpha significantly supports the inclusion of its users by allowing an active and self-dependent lifestyle
  • Jump alpha makes you active: whether child or adult
  • German Aid Index Nr.



All physiological measurements are changeable on the Jump alpha at any time; even after purchase: gripping point, length needed for turning the driving wheels, seat position, active degree, seat angle, leg room and leg-stretch-angle or camber. The same goes for (almost) all therapeutic equipment components. With our modular assembly system it is not a problem to change, replace, or build on.



If one wants to keep up in our global world then they must be mobile. A foldable wheelchair that can become a small, compact package and additionally supports all therapeutic goals is such an aid. It doesn’t matter if for the daily drive to school, work or on vacation… That is why all Jumps are foldable and have a wide range of equipment.

Can be set very precise

Jump alpha supports its young users with the precise settings of the power ergonomics. All equipment components can be adjusted, changed or modified during the course of therapy. Its wide range of  equipment allows many different therapy forms. And with its appealing design it is a wheelchair in which one can be seen. Because of this it makes inclusion even possible.


Technical Details

Technical Details Jump alpha
seat width 24 – 38 cm (+ 2 cm)
seat depth 26 – 38 cm (+ 4 cm)
back height 25 – 45 cm (+ 5 cm)
weight capacity 75 kg
wheel sizes 20″ – 24″
caster size 4″, 5″, 5,5″, 6″

Therapeutical approach

Therapeutical approach

The biggest wish of any disabled person is not to be disabled! As this is only possible in rare cases, the second biggest wish is considerably more modest: living a life as close as possible to ‘normal’ conditions. This primarily means to be little dependent on external help, to decide independently and organize one’s life autonomously. The legislator has introduced unambiguous requirements (SGB IX, §§ 5 ff) and declared inclusion as one of the highest aims in our society. Thus, we set highest priority to flexibility of equipment and adjustment options in order to be able to contribute with our sophisticated solutions to the inclusion of people with disabilities.The Jump alpha is an inclusive all-rounder, which can be used for many different therapy approaches. Rehabilitation in the literal sense wants to make skilfull and does not at all aim to maintain the respective status quo. Of course this is valid for all ages and stages of development. The preconditions are medical aids that compensate the sensorial, haptic and motoric deficits from an early age. With this, the necessary kinesthetic perceptions can be fostered within the appropriate phase of development and hence achieve a cognitive and cerebal development. Therefore, the Jump alpha is not only a substitute for missing or impaired legs, but (in the true sense) an aid for an independent and active life. Without this, the right for inclusion just could not be lived by every individual.Jump alpha can of course be adjusted to every physiognomic guideline and every degree of activity. The individual ideal position of the shoulder to the rear wheel is easily adjustable and can be changed according to the user’s development and the resulting new therapy guidelines. This results in a positive force balance and a familiar use of the aid in the long term.  As the users are able to build up their strength with Jump, because it does not overstrain due to its smoothness, this results in a high degree of motivation for the regular and therefore therapeutic efficient use of the aid. Jump can be used from early childhood on, because its small and weak users can – through the mobilization of Jump – at least as a substitute experience the sensorial perception that their disability refuses them, but they undoubtfully need for their physiological and psychological development to be as close as possible to ‘normal’ conditions.


Due to its wide range of sizes, Jump alpha is suitable for a long-term therapy concept. Thus, Jump alpha is indicated – amongst others – for the following impairments:

  • (infantile) cerebral palsy
  • spina bifida
  • all kinds of paresis
  • all kinds of plegie
  • multiple sclerosis
  • all kinds of myasthenia (atrophy or dystrophy)
  • amputation
  • rheumatic diseases

With Jump alpha the following therapeutic concepts can be supported:

  • preservation, formation and/or reinforcement of the complete muscular tone
  • preservation, formation and/or reinforcement of (auto-)mobility
  • stabilization and straightening of the trunk (positioning)
  • skeletal stabilization and strengthening of the spine
  • formation and extension of the sensorial perception
  • stimulation and stabilization of metabolism and circulation
  • participation in the social surroundings (inclusion)


Standard Version

  • foldable aluminum frame, straight or abducted
  • removable seat plate SeatFix or
  • adjustable seat cloth (growable in seat depth without any additional parts)
  • standard wheels or profile wheels with integrated handrims, each version with quick release axles, pneumatic or solid tires
  • many different coating alternatives: shiny, matt, metallic, coarse surface or dormant
  • casters with aluminum fork in different variations


Further equipment components

  • removable seat plate SeatFix
  • anatomically formed seat and back cushions
  • back angle adjustable in intervals up to 40° or with a gas pressure spring up to 30°
  • firm curved back plate in different sizes and shapes
  • different leg supports adjustable in height, depth and angle or hinged outwards (for Sport frame)
  • different side guards and arm pads, also foldable
  • push handles or bars adjustable in height and angle
  • different brake systems, e.g. bowden cable brake, drum brake etc.
  • reverse gear stop
  • transit-Safety-Wheels
  • different positioning aids (head rests, abduction wedges and truss pads)
  • therapy tables in different sizes and materials
  • single-hand controls (single-hand steering, double handrim)
  • handrim covers
  • a lot of spoke cover designs
  • Outdoor-Front-End
  • special tyres and much more


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