Frame colour

Your wheelchair should not only fit perfectly for you, it should also look the way you want it to. Therefore you have the option to choose between various colours. Shiny or matt, with metallic or dormant effect and/or anodized, here you can find the ideal colour for your wheelchair.

Your design Frame colour

Frame colours

Information: New colour KING’S BLUE

Together with our coater, we looked for a blue that comes as close as possible to ultramarine blue, but the difference between the two colors can be seen clearly. For this reason royal blue cannot automatically be used instead of ultramarine blue for spare parts.

How will we proceed with spare parts for an ultramarine blue wheelchair?

  • In our spare parts offers you will find a note in the offer text that you should give us an alternative color from our range of colors.
  • In the case of orders for spare parts (without an offer) we will actively contact you (call or email) and ask for the alternative color.

Overview frame colour

Frame colours with moderate metallic effect

dark green

brilliant blue


creme white

pastel blue

girly pink

zinc yellow

chrome yellow


pure orange

Dark blue


Frame colours matt

pure orange matt

chrome yellow matt

creme white matt

zinc yellow matt

pastel blue matt

girly pink matt

dark green matt

dark blue matt

crimson matt

brilliant blue matt


Frame colours dormant

Dormant firered

Dormant nightblue

Dormant Violett


Frame colours with strong metallic effect


Silver metallic


Other Frame colours

Coarse black

King´s Blue



Anodized Colours

In order to give your wheelchair a special look, just make use of the option “anodize design package” on your order form. Chosen parts are then anodized in your chosen colour.

Anodized gold orange

Anodized green

Anodized blue

Anodized red

Anodized violet

Attention: The samples on this page only serve as a first orientation and may vary in reality due to monitor settings.



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