Casters for standing devices

To be able to transport our Boogie Fix and Boogie Swing standing trainers within the building, optional feet or castors can be ordered.

Wheels Casters for standing aids

Standing feet or casters

Standing feet

The standing feet have two transport wheels to easily move the standing coach in the building. To move the standing aid, you must tilt it forward until the front transport rollers touch the ground. Hold the standing aid at the side of the therapy table and pull it to the desired location.

Standfüße für Stehgeräte




The castors are steerable, braked and have a diameter of 75 mm. To move the standing unit with castors pull up the kick pedals of all castors and then pull the standing unit to the desired location. Consolidate it by pressing down on all 4 kick pedals of the castors.

Lenkrollen Stehgeräte

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