Back unit

A fitting back is of high importance for every wheelchair user. This is why we offer various possibilities for all our models in order to ideally adjust the back unit. Choose according to requirement the most ideal combination of seat system, side guards and back systems.

We offer you a choice between flexible back covers, highly stable and versatile curved back plate variations.

Back and seat Back unit

Firm curved back plate

Firm curved back plate

Our firm curved back plates are made from aluminum and are fitted to your requirements. Firm curved back plates are suitable for stabilizing the sitting position and form a basis for various positioning aids. Together with our anatomically formed seat units they offer highest comfort and ideal stabilization. With our many setting possibilities of the firm curved back plate and the back height there is for almost any need the right option available.

Our Models

Choose between three different base settings and adjust your firm curved back plate in back height and back plate depth perfectly to your needs. Should you still need a special solution we don´t offer in our order forms, just call us, we will gladly discuss your customized solution!

Model 1

Model 1 has a straight top edge that generally closes the firm curved back plate 2 cm over the back height.Available in depths of 15, 30 and 50 mm


Model 2

Also equipped with the straight top edge, the Model 2 has an extended back by 10 or 20 cm in order to support its user with additional back guidance.Available in depths of 15, 30 and 50 mm


Model 3

Model 3 is equipped with an arched back extension in order to guarantee its user more spine stability without limiting arm and shoulder room. The arched top edge can excede the back height of the user by 5, 10 or 15 cm.Available in depths of 15, 30 and 50 mm


Back extension incl. head rest

For our firm curved back plates we have developed a special patented back extension with a head rest which allows the quick switch between active and resting phases.  Should the little user not be restricted by the head rest during active driving, then this can be submersed into the firm curved back plate together with the extension. However, should they switch into a relaxing phase then the seat is tilted or the angle tilted and the head can find rest in the easily activated head rest.

Back Cover

Back Cover

As with the seat systems we offer the option of a back cover. Back covers are light and offers a back surface which adjusts flexibly to your anatomy. With many of our models you can choose between a standard cover and an adjustable belt system. On our order forms you can find additional colours to choose from.


Fitting set for solid back

We offer various options for the installation of a fixed back shell manufactured by the specialist supplier.
Thus, the wheelchair can be customized even more individually to its user and their needs.

Fitting set for solid back / back shell

Adapter set for mounting on the back tubes.

Halterungsset Rollstuhlrücken

Connection for back shell / solid back

Adapter for mounting on the stabilizer bar. 1 or 2 pieces.

Back angle

Back angle

In addition to our curved back plates or the back cover, we also offer the option to order an angle-adjustable back. This back includes a back angle, which allows to adjust the back of the wheelchair in raster or continuously with a gas pressure spring.

Child lock

When adjusting the back angle with a gas pressure spring, a child safety device can also be attached to the release lever of the seat angle adjustment. This is especially recommended for active users.

Back guide

Back guide

Back guide standard

With the standard back guide, you can mount your seat shell directly on the centrally mounted guide. For angle-adjustable seat shells, please use our back guide wide.










Back guide wide

The mounting of your seat shell can be so easy. The wide back guide is suitable for angle adjustable seat shells (e.g., a physiological fulcrum seat shell) because the particular guide adapter is longer and can assist the seat shell in adjusting the angle.

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