Anatomically formed seat and back unit

Our seat and back parts are made of synthetic foams and anatomically adapted to the size of the user. Ideal sitting comfort and perfect support of the pelvis and spine can be achieved with the combination of seat and back unit.

Back and seat Anatomically formed seat and back unit


The build of the anatomically formed seat and back unit

The anatomically formed seat unit

The seat unit is equipped with a slight abduction and leg guide. If you add a truss pad system to your anatomically formed seat unit, a seat shell may become redundant. The compounding foam is applied in several layers. Finally, the anatomical molded seat part with a removable pillow cover.









The anatomically formed back unit

The back unit offers support from the side due to its curved form. It is also made of synthetic foams.


Incontinence cover

Incontinence cover

For the anatomically formed seat units you could order a Incontinence cover. The Incontinence cover protecting the cushion from contamination of any kind.


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