The Airon active wheelchair - precise, custom-made, adjustable

Your individually adaptable active wheelchair with an open frame concept

The Airon impresses with its modern design, precise and energy-saving handling and an extensive selection of equipment options. From slim configurations to features such as positioning aids, handbike holders or restraint systems – every Airon is tailor-made for its user and their specific requirements. And as needs change, the Airon can be flexibly adapted to new circumstances.

HMV number:

Seat Width

28 – 50 cm
(+2 cm)

Backrest height

25 – 50 cm
(+5 cm)

Seat Depth

32 – 50 cm
(+3 cm)

Driving wheels

22″, 24″


5″ und 6″


120 kg

At a glance – Airon active wheelchair

  •  Sporty, elegant active wheelchair, thanks to the open frame concept
  •  Custom made for you
  •  Optimal adaptation to the needs of its users
  •  Abducted, cranked or straight frame
  •  Available with a frame angle of 90° or 100°
  •  The Airon is ideal for young people and adults, from a seat width of 28 cm
  •  Stable and easy handling with minimal effort
  •  Adaptive wheelchair with growing function in three dimensions (seat width +2 cm, seat depth +3 cm and back height +5 cm)
  •  Variably adjustable wheel camber (1°, 3°, 5° and 7°)
  •  Countless colour, fabric and equipment options
  •  German aid directory number


Individual adaptive wheelchair

A SORG wheelchair is rightly expected to be highly individual in terms of adjustability and adaptation. The Airon is no exception. Thanks to its modular design, it is quick and easy to configure, easily adjustable to your own needs and also offers many SORG-typical customisation options.



Active wheelchair for young people and adultsSchöner Aktivrollstuhl schwarz frontal Airon neu

The Airon is ideal for young people and adults, from a seat width of 28 cm. This makes it the perfect replacement wheelchair for everyone who has outgrown their wheelchair or who need a new wheelchair and still want to focus on activity. “Keep growing” is also no problem for the Airon because it can grow with the seat width (+ 2cm), seat depth (+3 cm) and back height (+5 cm) without any additional parts.


Always the right frame

Everyone is different and so there are no SORG wheelchairs, that are exactly the same. It starts with the choice of the frame. The open frame of the Airon is available in three variants (with straight, abducted or cranked). Each variant is optionally available with a frame angle of 90 ° or 100 °. So everyone can find their perfect chair.


Technical details Airon Active wheelchair
seat width 28 – 50 cm (+ 2 cm)
seat depth 32 – 50 cm (+ 3 cm)
back height 25 – 50 cm (+ 5 cm)
Lower leg length up to 50 cm
max. weight capacity 120 kg
wheel sizes 22″ and 24″
caster sizes 5″ and 6″
seat height front 42 – 52 cm
seat height back 37,5 – 48 cm
wheel camber 1°, 3°, 5° and 7°
Back angle 74° to 118°

Discover the individual supply concept of the Airon active wheelchair

Our development process for the Airon is based on close collaboration with customers, therapists, and all participants in the supply process. Thanks to the input from our dealers and consumers, an active wheelchair has been created that combines both athletic features and the proven characteristics of SORG wheelchairs.

The Airon impresses with its open frame concept, which not only exudes a sporty and elegant appearance but also convinces through its customisation options and comprehensive features.

The Airon is aimed at young and adult wheelchair users who want an active and individually adaptable active wheelchair. It is also intended as a successor wheelchair for anyone who has outgrown their Mio or another children’s wheelchair.

Like every SORG wheelchair, the Airon is always made exactly according to your measurements and to the needs and wishes of its user. The modular design allows a high degree of variability. Thus, in addition to the already included growing function (seat width + 2 cm, seat depth up to + 3 cm and back height up to + 5 cm), the Airon has a large selection of adjustment and attachment options. With the Airon, headrests and pads are just as much a part of the equipment options as the outdoor front end, double hand rims and much more.


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