Paediatric wheelchairs

Fröhliches Mädchen im Kinderrollstuhl

Advantages of paediatric wheelchairs

Children are conquering a new piece of their lives every day. They experience their environment with its flood of sensory impressions, they deal with other people, build relationships, push boundaries and break new ground. They learn anew every day, to get involved in their world and to absorb and process impressions from their world. So, they playfully become part of our life and part of our society.

Especially in the first years of their development, children set an incredibly fast pace. This is no different for children with handicaps than for “normal” children. As a first step, the gross motor control of individual body parts. From this follows the more complex movement patterns: crawling, sitting, standing and running. These results are somewhat different for children with motor impairment. But: With these movement patterns, they have acquired one of the most important prerequisites for being able to experience new sensory impressions later in their environment – which, in turn, is the most important prerequisite for their cognitive and emotional development.

The earlier one supports and encourages children with motor impairment in their movement, the sooner their motor, cognitive, and psychic abilities can develop in a manner similar to that of other children. The freedom of movement can be optimally supported with the help of a children’s wheelchair.

Differences paediatric wheelchairs and wheelchairs for adults

In earlier years, children were – if anything – simply put into small-scale adult wheelchairs. Childish proportions and their physical possibilities were not taken into account. Therefore, these wheelchairs were often heavier than the children themselves. The locomotion was very tedious and exhausting. This was not an aid.

That’s why SORG develops and builds wheelchairs especially for children. We know and consider childlike proportions and know about the very different physical possibilities of young children. We therefore offer ready-to-ride children’s wheelchairs (we weigh them including the drive wheels) from approx. 6.9 kg (for comparison: a crate of sparkling water weighs 11-12 kg). and can always be infinitely adapted and set to the motor possibilities of the child. You can find all active wheelchairs from SORG Rollstuhltechnik here: Active wheelchairs.

ur wheelchairs for children therefore offer maximum flexibility and safety even in very small sizes. All paediatric wheelchairs are growable and easy to handle. So they remain a reliable companion for many years. The wheelchairs for children are designed to best support their little users and to give them independence and autonomy. A great design completes the overall package and each wheelchair can also be optically individualized (for a huge variety of colors and countless spoke protection options) for every child. Und wer dann doch einmal aus allen Kindergrößen herausgewachsen ist, findet bei uns direkt die Anschlussversorgung. The Airon and the Vector (Vector or Vector BSA) are the follow-up chairs in the rigid frame range and for those who would prefer to drive a folding wheelchair can choose from the two versions of the Jump beta (Jump beta BSA or Jump beta Sport) after the Jump alpha.

Mädchen im Kinderrollstuhl
Zwei Kinder sitzen im Kinderrollstuhl und werfen sich einen Spielwürfel zu
Many colors and even more spoke cover designs for a child-friendly wheelchair

Mio Family – custom-made paediatric wheelchairs for children

Together with therapists, rehabilitation technicians, doctors and parents, we consider what the child in question can and should be able to do. Depending on the particular clinical picture, steps are initiated to specifically counteract the respective impairment. Because the child should be encouraged to improve and develop his individual skills. For the different therapies SORG has developed various children’s wheelchairs.


The Mio is a growing wheelchair for active children (from 12 months). The seat unit can be very finely adapted to the child and its possibilities. With a perfectly adjustable gripping path, the forces of the child can be optimally utilized. Its extensive range of equipment components makes it particularly versatile.

So when choosing a wheelchair, look for variable adjustment options and an extensive range of equipment components. The Mio offers you these advantages and that makes it particularly versatile.

Paediatric wheelchairs Mio
Paediatric wheelchairs Mio Carbon

Mio Carbon

The Mio Carbon is almost identical to the Mio, but the seat, side guards, back and footplate are made of ultra-light, high-strength carbon, making it a lightweight child’s wheelchair. So it is even lighter than the Mio. This is a good way of compensating for the children’s reduced strength potential. Zum anderen kann zusätzliches Gewicht (erzeugt durch therapeutisch notwendige Ausstattungskomponenten wie z.B. ein Doppelgreifring etc.) sehr gut durch die Carbon-Gewichtsreduzierung ausgeglichen werden.

Mio Move

The tiltable Mio Move children’s wheelchair is just as finely adjustable as Mio or Mio Carbon, but can also be tilted. This makes it the perfect combination of a rehab buggy and an active wheelchair, because the child can switch freely and at their own pace between active and resting phases without having to change aids.

All Mio variants are optionally available in two different frame shapes (retro or bull shape), these variants in turn are available in two different abductions. In addition, all Mio equipment components are also available on the Move and Carbon versions. All SORG wheelchairs are individually manufactured according to the wishes and needs of the children, both in terms of color and function.

Paediatric wheelchairs Mio Move
Jump alpha folding wheelchair for children and young people

Foldable children’s wheelchair

If there is little space available in the trunk, a folding wheelchair for children naturally offers advantages. However, the folding mechanism makes the wheelchair somewhat heavier. Rigid wheelchairs such as the Mio or the Mio Carbon are often small enough to fit in the trunk of a car. In these cases, a rigid, non-folding wheelchair is often the more sensible alternative.

Jump alpha

With the Jump alpha children’s wheelchair, SORG has developed a small, foldable active wheelchair for children and young people with excellent adjustment options and driving characteristics. It has a small pack size and is (almost) as torsion-resistant as a rigid frame with its one-and-a-half cross brace. Thanks to the finely adjustable drive ergonomics, it noticeably supports the activation of its young users. If you want to change, adapt or modify the equipment during the course of therapy, you can do so at any time – even retrospectively. Its extensive range of equipment is based on our modular system and supports many therapeutic approaches.

Many colours and even more memory protection designs for a child-friendly wheelchair

Fabric sample

Colored cushions? You’re welcome.

Frame colors SORG wheelchair technology

Huge selection of colors – to the colors

There is something here for every child.



Overview of the SORG children’s wheelchairs

Aktivrollstuhl für Kinder Mio

Mio (Design 2018)

Leichter Kinderrollstuhl in der Farbe schwarz rau und bordeauxrot mit Carbonausstattung

Mio Carbon (Design 2018)

Kantelbarer Kinder-Aktivrollstuhl

Mio Move

Faltrollstuhl Jump alpha weiss schwarz

Jump alpha