New bowden cable brake, lockable in activated or deactivated position

Seilzugbremse Rollstuhl verriegelbarThe already very extensive equipment range of the children’s wheelchairs Mio (Design 2018), Mio Carbon (Design 2018) and Mio Move has now been extended by a new bowden cable brake lockable in activated or deactivated position.
The built-in user cable brake can easily be locked by an attendant. The lock can thus be activated in the braked or unbraked state.


This means:

Bowden cable brake locked in activated position:

The user cannot easily release the brake and drive off.

Bowden cable brake locked in deactivated position:

The user cannot, for example, suddenly
activate the cable brake while driving.


Therefore, the Bowden cable brake remains easily and intuitively operatable by the user in an unlocked position, can however be locked at any time by the attendant, for
example the parents.
The corresponding field for ordering the lockable Bowden cable brake can be found on the order sheet of the respective wheelchair models or this variant can also be requested at any time as a spare part and, if necessary, retrofit.