Model archive

Through decades of experience in wheelchair construction, we are constantly striving to bring our knowledge into the design and improvement of our wheelchairs.

For example, many of the customised solutions we made based on your specific needs have been added to our portfolio as a standard order option.

Through new therapeutic approaches, special constructions and the collected knowledge from more than 30 years of wheelchair construction, opportunities and necessities arise again and again to replace proven models that have come of age with new models.

The following is an overview:

Product discontinuations and spare part delivery status

 Mio (Classic)  2018  No more delivery MioDesign 2018
 Kika  2016  No more delivery Mio Move
 Pablo mini / Pablo 2 + 3  2016  No more delivery Boogie Drive
 Tilty II  2015  No more delivery LoopSORG
 Siro II  2015  No more delivery LoopSORG
Trend / Trend abdu / Trend Sport / Trend Sport abdu / Trend Hemi  2014  No more delivery Jump beta Sport / Jump beta DLS
 Tilty  2013  No more delivery Tilty Vario (for bigger patients) / Kika (for smaller patients)
 Muby / Muby abdu  2013  No more delivery Jump alpha
 Skater / Skater abdu  2013  No more delivery Jump alpha
 Knuffi OI  2012  No more delivery Mio Carbon
 Knuffi  2011  No more delivery Mio
 Racy mini / Racy maxi  2010  No more delivery Vector
 Shorty / Shorty abdu  2009  No more delivery
 Lifty  2009  No more delivery
 Siro  2008  No more delivery
 Pablo I  2008  No more delivery Pablo mini
 Traiky  2008  No more delivery