Company history

  1. Before 1987

    It all started off in a garage, where Hugo Sorg together with his friend Erich Purkott built sports wheelchairs for the basketball players of the Heidelberg wheelchair sports group. That was an absolute novelty at that time and caused a lot of attention. The new sports wheelchairs had to be exceptionally stable and had to cope with the extreme demands of sports competitions. As a result of their experience with these new sports wheelchairs, Sorg and Purkott established lightweight materials in their standard production process and built wheelchairs that set new standards in maneuverability and flexibility. Another novelty of the time established by the two partners was the possibility to select between different colours instead of the usual chrome coating. In 1977 Sorg and Purkott founded the company SOPUR (now part of Sunrise Medical) in Malsch. After ten successful years they decided to go separate ways.

  2. 1987

    Hugo Sorg founded his own company SORG Rollstuhltechnik GmbH+Co.KG in order to realize his ideal of an individual rehab technology that first and foremost focuses on the requirements of the individuals who need medical assistance. Since then, our overall aim has always been to offer the means for a deliberate medical assistance, individually customized for the needs and desires of people with disabilities and of all ages, starting from early childhood in order to guarantee the best preconditions for development and rehabilitation. Thus our company’s main focus has always been put on our two core competencies: childhood rehabilitation and customized products. Learning from the experiences in those two specialized sectors, we were the first to introduce some groundbreaking ideas into our standard production that are today well established on the rehab market, e.g. the frame abduction, which gives more room for the user’s leg mobility. Still today, SORG stands for innovative ideas and individual solutions.

  3. 1995

    The concept of transferring innovative ideas into individual solutions showed its effect in 1995, when SORG Rollstuhltechnik had to increases its capacity by building a new production hall and moving to its current location; a decisive step to widen our product portfolio, to optimize production processes and to guarantee the highest standard in quality.







  4. 2006

    Steady growth and the continuous improvement of our products once again required a doubling of the previous capacity in order to maintain our standards in quality and customer service. In the course of the new construction, SORG also introduced modern production methods such as CNC machining to produce almost all needed components ourselves in the quality we require and guarantee.



  5. 2008


    In 2008, SORG Rollstuhltechnik took a decisive step with regard to ecologically sustainable production. Since then, more than 100% of the consumed electricity have been produced by a company-owned photovoltaic system, without any CO2 emissions. That way we accept and show our responsibility for the future.

  6. 2009


    In the course of the gradual generation change, Marcel Sorg joined the company’s management, maintaining the future direction of the company in family hands. He took over all responsibilities of the executive management, thus complementing his father Hugo Sorg, who can now again concentrate on technical innovations and product developments, using his more than 30 years of experience in the field of wheelchair development to develop future innovations and to improve our current products.

    Marcel Sorg

  7. 2012

    Thanks to a continually good order situation and the trust that our customers give us, it has become cramped in our production halls. The build of an additional production hall has been decided and carried out. Our raw parts fabrication has now been placed in the new hall and we can optimise the production and internal procedures with a new conceptual design of the production areas.


  8. 2017

    In 2017 we are celebrating our 30 year company anniversary and we are very proud of this. We are looking back at 30 wonderful years in which we were able to help unique people with innovative and unique solutions. To take on the wishes of these people and take them seriously is still very important to us.

    We are still in a steady growing phase. In order to manage the good order situation we have enhanced our personnel as well as grown structurally. This way we were able to gain more warehouses close by and expand our staff.

    We thank you for your trust that you have given us throughout the last 30 years and are looking forward to (at least) 30 more years.