Hugo Sorg founded his own company SORG Rollstuhltechnik GmbH+Co.KG in order to realize his ideal of an individual rehab technology that first and foremost focuses on the requirements of the individuals who need medical assistance. Since then, our overall aim has always been to offer the means for a deliberate medical assistance, individually customized for the needs and desires of people with disabilities and of all ages, starting from early childhood in order to guarantee the best preconditions for development and rehabilitation. Thus our company’s main focus has always been put on our two core competencies: childhood rehabilitation and customized products. Learning from the experiences in those two specialized sectors, we were the first to introduce some groundbreaking ideas into our standard production that are today well established on the rehab market, e.g. the frame abduction, which gives more room for the user’s leg mobility. Still today, SORG stands for innovative ideas and individual solutions.