Foldable wheelchairs

Advantages of a rigid wheelchair

Anyone who wants to keep pace in our global world must be mobile. A foldable wheelchair, which can become a small, compact package and additionally supports all therapeutic goals, is perfect for this. Whether for daily transport to school, to work or while traveling. With the help of a removable aluminum seat plate, the foldable wheelchair can obtain (almost) the same stability and torsional stiffness as a rigid wheelchair.

Jump Family

Foldable wheelchairs for children and adolescents

Children want to discover the world. They want to experience something new every day and absorb the impressions like a sponge. If you want to support the children, you need a space-saving and transportable wheelchair. Exactly then is a foldable wheelchair the ideal companion. With the help of the crossbrace, the folding wheelchair can be folded into a small package and easily stowed in the boot. Its small pack size makes it an ideal wheelchair for traveling. Smaller and larger distances are no longer an obstacle.

SORG has developed a foldable active wheelchair for children and adolescents from a seat width of 24 cm, the Jump alpha.

Jump gefaltet und auseinander
Jump alpha folded

Jump alpha

The foldable active wheelchair Jump alpha is a real “inclusive” all-rounder due to its high potential for use. t. The folding wheelchair for children and adolescents provides optimum support, excellent adjustment options and driving characteristics. Jump alpha allows children in many different situations independence in their daily mobility.

Foldable wheelchair for adults

Folding wheelchairs also offer many benefits for adults. The folding mechanism allows, for example, the independent loading and unloading of the wheelchair when transferring to and from the car. This way one gains more independence. The foldable frames have a double crossbrace. This makes the Jump beta ideally suited for above-average demands. For active users, foldable wheelchairs provide the ideal conditions for a life full of attractiveness and mobility, both at leisure and at work.

In addition to the folding wheelchair for children and adolescents, SORG also offers suitable foldable wheelchairs for adults.

Jump beta Sport folding wheelchair
Jump beta Sport folding wheelchair

Jump beta Sport

The Jump beta Sport is the “big brother” of Jump alpha. It is a foldable active wheelchair for teenagers and adults from a seat width of 30 cm with all the features of Jump alpha. Its range of equipment and options is even more extensive. With Jump beta Sport, a further sustainable aid concept has been developed, which allows the user a highly individualized wheelchair care, far from any standard.

Jump beta BSA

The foldable wheelchair Jump beta BSA is another member of the Jump family. In contrast to the Jump beta Sport, the Jump beta BSA has a frame with completely removable and outwardly swiveling legrests. The user can approach much closer to the things of everyday life. Its extensive range of equipment allows a wide therapeutic range. Both Jump beta models are also available as an XL version for particularly tall and large users.


All models of the Jump family offer a huge range of equipment. Thanks to the modular system, they are suitable for numerous forms of therapy.

Jump beta BSA

Convince yourself of our foldable wheelchairs for children, adolescents and adults. We are happy to provide you with a demo wheelchair.

Should not the right solution be available for your needs? – No problem. Our customized products team is happy to develop a suitable solution for your individual needs.



The folding wheelchairs from SORG

Faltrollstuhl Jump alpha weiss schwarz

Jump alpha

Faltrollstuhl Jump beta BSA mit abnehmbarer Beinstütze

Jump beta BSA

Faltrollstuhl Jump beta Sport für Jugendliche und Erwachsene

Jump beta Sport