Dynamic wheelchairs

A new dynamic wheelchair – type

The wheelchair as a dynamic mobility aid was developed for people with involuntary stretching movements (e.g. spasms) who, despite their limitations, want to be mobile or should be mobilized and for whom a rigid aid does not offer an optimal solution.

In over 30 years of wheelchair care, we have provided many patients with uncontrolled movements (e.g. spasticity, athetoid movements and other motor dysfunctions with custom-made wheelchairs. We are known in the market and among the cost bearers for our custom-made products as well as for stable and innovative solutions. We are therefore often approached to find special and stable solutions for patients who have not been able to cope with their previous treatments or who have “overused” them due to very heavy loads. The solution to these demands made on us showed us that these are not just individual cases, but that we can help our customers and end customers with our solutions in the form of an independent model. We have incorporated the experience of the last 30 years into the development and with our Dynamis TSD can offer one of the most innovative wheelchairs with dynamically spring loaded elements.

The dynamic tilt wheelchair Dynamis TSD
Dynamis TSD underframe

The dynamic approach

Inflexible restorations often put the patient in fixed positions, which can lead to tension, pressure points or other contraindications in the patient. The approach of the Dynamis TSD is that the body is not restricted in its freedom of movement, rather involuntary stretching movements (e.g. spasms) are guided over the physiological pivot points and softened by the spring-loaded elements.

Dynamic and easily adjustable suspension system

We are in lively and regular exchange with our customers and also repeatedly obtain feedback from our end customers during the developmental phase. Easy adjustability of the back cushioning was a key requirement that we were able to fulfill for our customers. With our easily and continuously adjustable damping spring, the right setting is found quickly. And in no time at all, it can be adjusted again as required. The integrated rebound function of the spring system supports the return of the patient to the original sitting position. This brings relief for both the user and the caregiver, because repositioning the patient after a stretching phase is no longer necessary or is less time-consuming thanks to the support.

Dynamic complete system or dynamic seat shell frame

Dynamis TSD dynamic seat shell underframe

With our Dynamis wheelchair system, you can choose whether you use a seat shell from a specialist retailer or our complete system with ergonomic seat and back unit. Even with the complete system, you are free to choose the equipment. Find out more from us or your specialist retailer about the various options.




Dynamic complete system or dynamic seat shell frame

All dynamic wheelchairs from SORG offer users an extensive range of equipment and are suitable for numerous forms of therapy thanks to the modular system.

Convince yourself of our dynamic wheelchairs. We are also happy to provide you with a suitable demo wheelchair via a medical supply store in your area. Simply ask us or your medical supply store for more information.



Overview of the dynamic wheelchairs from SORG


Dynamis MV

Dynamis TSD

Dynamis TSD