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Outdoor mobile standing unit with device holders


The aim of this customised construction was to mobilise eleven-year-old Raphael in a standing position, both indoors and outdoors. As Raphael is dependent on his medical equipment around the clock, it was necessary to create options for taking the equipment with him. Raphael is unable to propel himself, but should be given the opportunity to do so.


Based on our Boogie Drive standing device, we developed an mobile outdoor standing unit that allows Raphael to participate in life at eye level. All medical equipment has its place and a possibility has also been created for Raphael to receive his infusions while in motion.

As the standing devices is also used outdoors a lot, e.g. for the daily walks with the two family dogs, appropriate outdoor tyres were chosen. The outdoor standing device was also equipped with an adjustable push option and drum brakes for the accompanying person.


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