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Angle-adjustable seat shell base frame with holder for medical equipment


To be cared for in a facility, a way had to be made possible for the user to leave the house. To date, the family had only a non-mobile care device for their home. Since numerous medical devices are required for the user’s everyday care, a solution was needed that would accommodate all the equipment necessary. The numerous devices made the wheelchair very heavy as well, which is why an electric pushing aid was urgently needed, this too needed to be accommodated.


With the help of a special construction of the LoopSORG seat shell base frame, a solution has been created that meets all requirements. The user’s medical supply store also built a tailormade seat shell that fits perfectly on the seat shell base frame. The LoopSORG now offers the possibility to lay the user down completely, the change the angle or, depending on necessity, even bring the user into an upright position. In addition, numerous holders were added to accommodate the medical equipment and the electric drive. The angle-adjustable seat shell base frame with matching seat shell now allows the user to leave the house and be looked after in a facility.


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