Customised Products

You have special needs that cannot be fulfilled with standard? Then you are at the right place with SORG. We see a challenge in developing special solutions for your individual. Because the special is our everyday life. We start there where others have already stopped. For this we are constantly in intensive dialogs with those concerned, parents, therapists and doctors. And from this come more challenges from which we find one-of-a-kind solutions. Many of these ideas and developments flow in our standard program. That is why our “standard” is mostly more individual and versatile than expected.

Put us to the test and let us know your specific needs.

In the following you will find example for individual solutions, coordinated to individual and special needs.

Unique Solutions


Wheelchair with BuggyBoard


Outdoor mobile standing unit with device holders

Sonderbau Stehfahrer Stehrollstuhl

Standing driver for outside and inside with transport option

Sitzschalenuntergestell mit Gerätehaltern

Seat shell wheelchair with appliance bins

Rollstuhl mit niedriger Sitzhöhe

Wheelchair with low seat height

Lenk- Schiebehilfe mit Transportbox

Steering and pushing aid with transport option

Sonderbau Gerätehalter

Seat shell wheelchair with appliance bin

Verstärkter XXL - Faltrollstuhl

Reinforced XXL folding wheelchair

Fahrbare Duschwanne

Mobile shower trolley

Sonderbau Winkelverstellbares Sitzschalenuntergestell mit Gerätehaltern

Angle-adjustable seat shell base frame with holder for medical equipment

Liegewagen im Sonderbau

Couchette coach

Rollstuhl mit Beinlagerung

Wheelchair with leg support

Rollstuhl mit Armlehnen aus Holz

Wheelchair with wooden armrests

Kantelbarer Rollstuhl mit Spezialseitenteilen

Tiltable wheelchair with special side guards