Corporate Vision

Our corporate vision expresses our fundamental values and the motivation for everything we do. It describes the qualities that are particularly important to us:


We feel a sincere responsibility for people with disabilities. Therefore we design products for a self-determined way of life, from a very early age up to adulthood, always striving to improve our customers’ mobility and quality of life.

Early and Preemptive Care

Our special attention is paid to early childhood rehabilitation, as the foundations for the further development of a human being are built in the first years and even months of a young person’s life. The development of a self-determined mobility already begins at an age of 12 months. To guarantee the best therapeutic success possible, rehabilitation methods must start at this early stage.

Individual Accuracy and Suitabilty

In any cases in which our manifold component and adjustment options do not suffice, we strive to offer customized solutions for individual needs and demands, as the question of technical feasibility is truly a question of devotion and innovational spirit. Our customers’ problems and needs are the incitement for our innovativeness. Customized solutions more often than not become part of our wide standard portfolio, even if customized solutions do not guarantee a financial benefit in each particular case.


We commit ourselves to the highest quality in materials and production, as our medical aids have to serve as reliable companions in all situations of life.


We support our national and regional business location by producing almost all our parts autonomously and in Germany. We attach great importance to highly skilled and satisfied employees as well as a high job security, as these are the foundations of our flexibility.


We are convinced that a responsible and sustainable treatment of nature is essential. Therefore, we use solar energy generated by our own photovoltaic system to cover more than 100% of our overall power consumption, without any damaging CO2 emissions.