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Push handles

An important aspect when ordering your wheelchair is also the fitting push handles. We offer different models which are short, long, removable or even height adjustable.

Overview Push handles

Our push handles

You can find the order area for your push handles on the order forms of each wheelchair model.You can choose the most fitting model from the following push handles:


The standard push handles are available with either a short (5 cm) or a long (11 cm) handle. This handle is not height-adjustable.











The extendable push handle is height-adjustable as the name implies, and there is also the choice between the short (5 cm) and long (11 cm) handles.








Push bail with synthetic hinge








Push bail with metal hinge

The version with metallic hinge is used for higher seat widths. It is also fully foldable and height-adjustable.










Push bail

The push bail can be swiveld to the side and is adjustable in height.










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