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One-hand aids

For all different grades of limited arm functions, we offer sophisticated aids with suitable support functions. Especially with small radiuses, such as in an apartment or at the workplace, our one-hand aids serve as an alternative to electric wheelchairs and may even be superior regarding mobility, weight and transportation.


All one-hand aids can be found as special options in the respective order sheet of your wheelchair.

Overview One-Hand Aids

Double handrim

Here two handrims with different cross section dimensions are mounted on one side. The larger serves the common function of controlling the rear wheel on which it is mounted. But the smaller handrim drives the opposite rear wheel by transmission of a rigid axle.  This way, using one single handrim steers the wheelchair into a curve, pushing both handrims moves the wheelchair in a straight direction. The rigid axle is easily detachable, so the wheelchair can be folded and transported as usual.

Doppelgreifring an einem roten Rollstuhl









One-hand steering

The one-hand steering device connects both front wheels by a steering rod. The rear wheels now only serve for pushing the wheelchair, the casters can be conveniently controlled with only one hand into any desired direction.


One-hand brake

The single-hand brake serves the same function as our standard wheel lock, but the control device is mounted on only one side. The control lever and the opposite wheel lock are connected by a Bowden cable. Due to a bigger lever, the effort needed to lock both brakes remains almost the same.


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