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Head rests

A head rest furthers essential therapeutic possibilities of a wheelchair. Apart from tiltable wheelchairs, a head rest can usefully stabilize the user in all active and passive chairs and with it increases their general well-being.

You can choose between light-weight head rests, standard head rests or back extensions incl. head rest.

Overview Head rests

Light-weight head rest

Size 1 Size 2
Width 200 mm 260 mm
Height 110 mm 130 mm
Depth 30 mm 40 mm

Our light-weight head rests are available in two sizes and fit all wheelchairs of our Mio family that means Mio, Mio Carbon and Mio Move. The weight savings compared to conventional systems is between 800-1000 grams and with it a weight advantage if you cannot go without a head rest.




The Betex-fabrics for our light-weight head rests can be ordered in the following colours:




night blue

ultramarine blue
















Tip: The cover can easily be removed and washed thanks to a zipper.

Please note: The light weight head rest is not approved for transport in motor vehicle.


Standard head rest

Our standard head rests can be adjusted in height, angle and depth steplessly. They are made from dermatologic harmless PUR-foam with a surface which is agreeable to the skin and that can be washed off.

The standard headrests can optionally be covered with a washable and breathable Betex fabric.

Loop RS with Betex fabric in the color Petrol

Rear and front view Standard headrest model 3 with Betex cover in the color ultramarine blue











Our Standardmodels:









All specified dimensions are in mm. Images are not necessarily to scale, please take the measurements from the graphics.


Back extension incl. head rest

For our firm curved back plates we have developed a special patented back extension with a head rest which allows the quick switch between active and resting phases.  Should the little user not be restricted by the head rest during active driving, then this can be submersed into the firm curved back plate together with the extension. However, should they switch into a relaxing phase then the seat is tilted or the angle tilted and the head can find rest in the easily activated head rest. The back extension incl. head rest possible for all models with firm curved back plate.

Please note: The back extension incl. head rest is not approved for transport in motor vehicle.


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