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A wheelchair design exactly to your taste

Customise your children’s wheelchair, active wheelchair, folding wheelchair, tiltable wheelchair or standing wheelchair according to your wishes. Because your wheelchair should not only fit you perfectly, it should also look the way you want it to. This is why SORG wheelchair technology gives you the option of choosing between many different colour variants. Here you will find the ideal colour combination for your wheelchair. In addition to the frame colour, you can also choose an anodised package for your wheelchair. Each wheelchair model has a defined anodising package. Depending on the package (shown on the order sheet), steering wheel forks, handrims, etc. are then anodised in the desired colour.

Take a look at our fabric and leather covers and design your wheelchair according to your ideas and make it unique.


Overview frame colours

Frame colours with a slight metallic effect

Dark green metallic

Brilliant blue metallic

Crimson red metallic

Creme white metallic

Pastel blue metallic

Girly Pink metallic

Zinc yellow metallic

Chrome yellow metallic


Pure orange metallic

Kings blue metallic

Goblin green metallic

Titan gray metallic

Dark blue metallic





























Frame colours Matt

Pure orange matt

Chrome yellow matt

Creme white matt

Zinc yellow matt

Pastel blue matt

Girly Pink matt

Dark green matt

Dark blue matt

Kings blue matt

Crimson red matt

Goblin green matt

Titan gray matt

Brilliant blue matt






























Frame colours Dormant

Dormant firered

Dormant nightblue

Dormant violet








Frame colours with a strong metallic effect

Silver metallic








Other frame colours


Coarse black








Anodised colours

For most models, you have the option of choosing an anodised colour package. Certain wheelchair parts are then supplied in the selected anodised colour. You can see which parts are included in the anodising package on the respective order sheet.

Anodised gold orange

Anodised green

Anodised blue

Anodised red

Anodised violet








Note: The colours shown here may differ from reality depending on the monitor display and are for initial orientation only. Different colours may incur a surcharge. Please refer to the relevant order form for specific information.


We have summarized our frame colours for your unique wheelchair or standing device in our colour flyer. Especially when it comes to children’s wheelchairs, little wheelchair users like to choose bright colours from our wide range of colours. You can also choose the colour of the cushion covers or the seat and backrest upholstery yourself. Combine your chosen design with a customised spoke protector– take a look at the range of products offered by our spoke protector partners. You can download the colour flyer here:


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