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Dynamic leg support

For people with changing muscle tonus, it is of particular importance to know that they are protected and supported despite their loss of control. Very heavy spasms pose a considerable safety risk.
Frequent and spontaneous spasms are particularly likely to provoke enormous leverage forces at the front and back end of the wheelchair, i.e. on the back pipes and foot rest. A normal wheelchair will hardly be able to cope with such extreme pressures. The foot rests are usually affected the most: In the medium term, the strains from spasms may lead to the deformation or even detachment of the foot rest.
A treatment of these symptoms should therefore include elastic resistance and permit the following factors: controlling the tonus smoothly, building and elastic resistance while not blocking its forces; yielding as much as necessary, but as little as possible. This therapeutic method is based on the idea that the quantity and intensity of the spontaneous spasms may be reduced considerably via targeted and regulated use of yielding and soft counter forces.
The result of our considerations is the dynamic leg support for persons with spastic desease, which yields to spontaneous spasms while resisting them with soft pressure.

The dynamic leg support for persons with spastic desease is subsequently and easily mountable on the LoopSORG.












The order sheets of the individual wheelchair models provide the option of ordering this feature or you may request them as a replacement part. We are glad to help you with any questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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