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Caster Accessories

When choosing your castor wheels and castor forks, please also note the optional accessories that can be ordered for your specific needs and wishes. To order the following caster wheel accessories, please select the corresponding fields on the order sheets for the individual wheelchair models.


Caster shock protection

The shock protection for casters protects your furniture, doors and of course your wheelchair from unwanted scratches. It is available for all models of our Mio family (Mio, Mio Carbon and Mio Move).






Track fixation

The track fixation makes it possible to fix the caster for a straight ride. This is for example useful when the wheelchair user drives onto a sidewalk.



With the locking for the casters the wheelchair user can only drive straight ahead because the casters are locked. In contrast to the track fixation, the lock does not release by itself, the locking bolt must be unlocked to move casters freely again.


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