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Abduction wedge

With an abduction wedge a false position of the legs can be corrected therapeutically.

The positioning of the legs is optimized, the legs are positioned better and the hip joints have less strain.

The build of the abduction wedges

As with our standard head rests, our abduction wedges are made with dermatologically harmless PUR integral foam. The abduction wedge is mounted under the SeatFix and can be removed fast and easy. If you only need a holder to attach your own cushion we will gladly send an adapter only.







Our abduction wedges are available in three different sizes, that you can choose without additional price according to your individual needs.

  • Size S    94 x 65 x 90 mm
  • Size M    110 x 82 x 95 mm
  • Size L    125 x 90 x 100 mm


The size details refer to the length x width x height. Since the wedges are oval the position with the largest diameter is stated.

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