Active wheelchairs in all variants

Airon – Active wheelchair for young people and adults

Advantages of active wheelchairs / adaptive wheelchairs

The “active” in the word active wheelchairs is actually self-explanatory. These wheelchairs are actively propelled by the wheelchair user and can be individually adapted to the user’s needs at any time. They enable users to be an active part of society in everyday life. The more precise the customization, the more active and independent the users are. Active wheelchairs are usually lighter, highly maneuverable models that can be moved with less effort. At the same time, they offer very good seating and riding characteristics. The greatest advantage is therefore the individual adaptation options for maximum independence and mobility in everyday life.

The term ” active wheelchair ” has been replaced by ” adaptive wheelchair” in official usage, at least in the GKV list of aids and also by the cost bearers. The term adaptive is a synonym for “adapting”, which describes these wheelchairs perfectly. Adaptive or active wheelchairs are divided into two types, namely models with a folding or rigid frame. Folding wheel chairs are often somewhat heavier than comparable rigid-frame wheelchairs due to their folding mechanism. Active wheelchairs with a rigid frame are usually more stable than folding wheelchairs and the drive power used is transmitted directly. In addition, the rigid active wheelchair is usually lighter than a foldable active wheelchair, as no folding mechanism is required

Active wheelchairs for children and young people

Children’s wheelchairs and cantel wheelchairs can also be active wheelchairs or adaptive wheelchairs. A wide range of customization options are particularly important for these models. SORG Wheelchair Technology offers special children’s active wheelchairs with a wide range of equipment, allowing the wheelchairs to be individually adapted to the youngest of the young and giving them the opportunity to participate in life independently.

What types of active wheelchairs are there?

Kind Use
Rigid frame wheelchair

Everyday wheelchair with high stability and direct power transmission. This means that it can be driven with little effort and is very maneuverable. It is also usually lighter than the other variants.

This is the most common variant in the active sector.

Foldable wheelchair

The foldable wheelchair is the right companion if you need the smallest possible pack size for traveling or in the car.

Due to the folding mechanism, a foldable wheelchair is less torsion-resistant and usually heavier than a rigid-frame wheelchair. It therefore scores highly in situations where space is at a premium.

Tiltable active wheelchair An active wheelchair that allows you to switch to a passive “resting position” if required is particularly useful for children. (see Mio Move). The Tilty Vario and Loop RS also master the balancing act between self-driving and relaxing while tilting wonderfully.
Sports wheelchair Whether tennis, wheelchair rugby, basketball or one of the other sports. Many sports have their own type of sports wheelchair that is adapted to the sport being practiced.


Mio – Active wheelchair for children
Mio children’s wheelchair from SORG

The active wheelchairs from SORG with a rigid frame for children and young people

Our Mio – a variable active wheelchair for children

The Mio is one of the most popular and best selling children’s wheelchairs in Germany and can be used from a seat width of 18 cm. The many adjustment and equipment options also allow the wheelchair to be optimally adapted to each of its small riders and to every care situation. It can also grow in seat width, seat depth and back height without additional parts. All this makes the Miothe perfect wheelchair for very young children (from 12 months) and far beyond.

Thanks to its innovative lightweight construction, the grow-along function and its elegant and functional design, this active wheelchair guarantees the greatest possible mobility and support for the natural development of its users.

Mio Carbon – the even lighter alternative

The even lighter Mio Carbon active wheelchair for children is a very small, maneuverable wheelchair for children (seat width up to 30 cm) whose seat plate, hollow backrest, active side parts and footplate are made of ultra-light and highly stable carbon. The Mio Carbon is therefore particularly suitable for all children with reduced strength and muscle tone who still need to be able to move around on their own. Through its growable function Mio Carbon remains a long-standing and reliable companion in therapy and everyday life.

Carbon active wheelchair Mio Carbon
Mio Move – Cantel wheelchair for children

Mio Move – The tiltable active wheelchair for children

The third member of the group is the tiltable Mio Move active wheelchair for children, which offers the perfect combination of rehab buggy and active wheelchair thanks to its tilt function. In Mio Move, the child can switch between active and passive phases at any time, without having to change the aid.

The foldable active wheelchair for children and young people – Jump alpha

Jump alpha – small and foldable

The Jump alpha is a foldable active wheelchair for children and young people that is a real “inclusive” all-rounder thanks to its high degree of versatility. The folding wheelchair provides optimum support, excellent adjustment options, the best driving characteristics and can be folded into a small package at any time. Jump alpha enables children and young people in many different situations to be independent in their daily mobility.

Jump alpha, folded
Jump beta Sport, folding wheelchair for teenagers and adults

Active wheelchairs for adults

SORG not only offers suitable active wheelchairs for young users, but also various models for teenagers and adults, which in turn offer a wide range of equipment options.


The foldable active wheelchairs from SORG

Jump beta Sportand Jump beta BSA

The Jump beta Sport and the Jump beta BSA are the “big brothers” of the Jump alpha. The two foldable active wheelchairs for young people and adults offer all the features of the Jump alpha from a seat width of 30 cm. The range of equipment and options is even more extensive. The Jump beta models allow the user a highly customizable wheelchair fitting, far from any standard.

Active wheelchairs with rigid frame for young people and adults

Vector – Active and variable

The Vector is unbeatable in terms of variability and is ideal for active riders who want a rigid frame. Thanks to its extensive equipment options, it can be adapted to the individual needs of the user. Vector is extremely versatile, versatile, attractive and exceptionally stable. All physiological parameters can be fine-tuned to the possibilities of the user.

Rigid frame active wheelchair Vector
Rigid frame active wheelchair Vector BSA with removed legrests

Vector BSA – Active wheelchair with removable leg support

The Vector is also available as a Vector BSA version with a swing-away and removable legrest. The Vector BSA can be driven much closer to the everyday things in life thanks to the swing-away legrest. This can also be finely adjusted to the physiological capabilities of the user.


The active wheelchairs from SORG, always built individually for you

Aktivrollstuhl für Kinder Mio

Mio (Design 2018)

Leichter Kinderrollstuhl in der Farbe schwarz rau und bordeauxrot mit Carbonausstattung

Mio Carbon (Design 2018)

Kantelbarer Kinder-Aktivrollstuhl

Mio Move

ein Aktivrollstuhl für Jugendliche und Erwachsene


Aktivrollstuhl Vector


Starrrahmenrollstuhl Vector BSA mit abnehmbaren Beinstützen

Vector BSA

Faltrollstuhl Jump alpha weiss schwarz

Jump alpha

Faltrollstuhl Jump beta BSA mit abnehmbarer Beinstütze

Jump beta BSA

Faltrollstuhl Jump beta Sport für Jugendliche und Erwachsene

Jump beta Sport