No person is like another. This is why we offer unique solutions for unique people. Special attention is given thereby to the smallest yet most important – the children and adolescents.

With our years of experience and our technical know-how we develop individual solutions, whereby the people and their special needs are in the center of our work.  Our wheelchairs are always specially adjusted to your needs and made according to your measurements, because a person is never standard.


Unique people, unique solutions.

For over 35 years, the family business SORG Rollstuhltechnik stands for the development and production of tailor-made, innovative and high-quality wheelchairs, mobile standing devices and seat shell frames for children, adolescents and adults. Every SORG wheelchair and standing device is individually manufactured to the exact dimensions and requirements of the user.

Wheelchairs and mobile standing devices

In the field of manual wheelchairs, we also offer tilt wheelchairs and active wheelchairs for all ages in addition to folding wheelchairs and seat shell base frames. Standing devices, mobile standing devices and stationary standing devices for children and adolescents complete our assortment.


Manufacturer for children’s wheelchairs and more

Children’s wheelchairs are particularly important to us, because children with disabilities and their peers need the opportunity to independently conquer their environment and socialize. Because this interaction is the basis for the entire child development. Only then can the neural networks in the brain develop at this early stage. While unrestricted children learn how to walk, children of the same age with reduced mobility need an aid that alternatively gives them the necessary mobility. We are therefore committed to the perfect child care and early childhood promotion and as a manufacturer of children’s wheelchairs market leader in Germany.


Above standard

As a craft business, we place great importance on the accuracy of our wheelchairs and standing trainers. They fit exactly to the user and can grow with them. The high customization of our wheelchairs is based on a high manufacturing depth and a very wide range of equipment possibilities and options. We can implement the smallest wheelchair dimensions just as well as user dimensions that go beyond normal care.

For everything else that we cannot provide despite our enormous range of equipment, the special construction department is at your disposal. Our dedicated and creative specialists for customized solutions are very well prepared for “special” inquiries and are happy to develop solutions that go far beyond a standard supply. Since we have the complete production in our hands apart from a few purchased parts, we can quickly and easily implement your individual solution directly in our house. Here is a selection of “customized solutions”.

Adaptive / active wheelchairs by SORG

The adaptive or active wheelchairs by SORG are available either as a rigid frame wheelchair or in the option folding wheelchair. All SORG active wheelchairs can be easily and individually adapted to the needs of the user and their therapy. We offer smallest children’s wheelchairs (starting for infants from 12 months old) and adaptive wheelchairs for teenagers and adults.


Tilt wheelchairs by SORG

Many forms of therapy require the individual tilting of the wheelchair, so the angle of the tilt in our tilting chairs can be adjusted very precisely or even steplessly. Choose between tiltable wheelchairs with seat unit or seat shell bases for the construction of a separate seat shell. Find out more about our tiltable wheelchairs here.


Learning to stand or train with the standing devices by SORG

Our standing devices-concept Boogie supports therapies for a gentle and controlled strain on the skeleton and the whole musculature. Choose between the mobile standing device Boogie Drive or the Boogie Fix or Boogie Swing standing aids. All our standing devices can grow with the user and can be adjusted very easily with ease of use. Click here for our standing devices …

No one person is the same. SORG Rollstuhltechnik manufactures individual wheelchairs and standing equipment for children, adolescents and adults. Always made individually for you. Made in Germany.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please call us or write to us. We are here to help you.


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