Seat systems

Stability and comfort of the seat unit are high priority for every wheelchair user. Thus, for all our models we offer the various possibilities to ideally fit the seat unit to your individual needs and demands.


SeatFix: Aluminum Seat Plate

Our seat system SeatFix consists of a seat plate made of aluminum to provide a perfect support of the pelvis. The seat plate is easily removable for foldable wheelchairs and screwed firmly for rigid wheelchairs. Many of our models contain a standard growable version of SeatFix. The adjustability of the aluminum seat plate (seat height, – depth) varies depending on the model.











Seat cover

Seat Cover

Seat covers are light and provide a seat surface which adjusts flexibly to your anatomy. Many of our models offer the option of choosing between a standard cover and an adjustable belt system. Additionally, you may find different colour options in our order sheet.









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