Casters and accessories

We do not only have a wide range of rear wheels, we also offer you numerous options of caster wheels to adapt your wheelchair perfectly to your individual needs and wishes. Whether stylish or functional, here you will find the ideal casters for your wheelchair. And do also take a look at our additional options while choosing your caster forks.


Overview Casters

Please note: casters are purchased and subject to a certain tolerance. All measurements ± 5%

LED-Design PU

These caster wheels originally come from the Rollerblade scene and therefore are the perfect choice for young and sporty users. Besides, the robust and transparent polyurethane wheels are equipped with LED lights which are blinking in different colours when rolling.

Photo example, looks can vary due to size


Size 4″ 5″
Weight  165 g 210 g
wheel diameter  101 mm  127 mm
wheel width  25 mm 25 mm





Standard Solid Rubber

This standard solid rubber caster wheel combines a light synthetic rim with a wide wheel tread which increases the running stability. With its wide selection of sizes, this wheel is the most variable caster wheels we offer.

Photo example, looks can vary due to size

Size 4″ 5″ 5,5″ 6″ 7″
Weight 350 g 410 g 500 g 485 g 620 g
wheel diameter 101 mm 127 mm 140 mm 152 mm 178 mm
wheel width 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm 32 mm 35 mm






Standard PU

The classic among caster wheels. Made of robust polyurethane, it guarantees lightness, stability and reliability. With its black surface and also black synthetic rim, the standard PU caster matches with any wheelchair.

Photo example, looks can vary due to size

Size 4″ 5″ 6″
weigth 125 g 220 g 335 g
wheel diameter 101 mm 127 mm 152 mm
width 20 mm 26 mm 26 mm







Design Solid Rubber

This caster wheel is a stylish combination of a black solid rubber tread surface and an aluminum rim.

Photo example, looks can vary due to size

Size 4″ 5″ 6″
weight 190 g 241 g 305 g
wheel diameter 101 mm 127 mm 152 mm
width 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm






Standard Pneumatic

These pneumatic caster wheels provide even more comfort as they can dynamically balance uneven ground.

Photo example, looks can vary due to size

Size 6″ 7″
weigth 315 g 515 g
wheel diameter 152 mm 178 mm
width 28 mm 45 mm








Caster forks

Overview Caster forks

Standard Aluminium

The most popular caster fork combines stability with an attractive design. Colour: black anodized

Standard Anodized

The anodized caster forks is part of the anodize package which you can choose for your wheelchair. In combination with our frame colours your wheelchair will be an eyecatcher.


Anodized green

Anodized red

Anodized gold orange

Anodized blue

Anodized violet







Standard Synthetic

Especially indoors this caster fork made of soft synthetic proves to be very practical, since it saves sensitive wooden furniture or door frames from damage.



Design Aluminium

Choose one of our frame colours for your aluminum caster fork and give your wheelchair a personal touch.











Aluminum caster fork with quick-release axle

Aluminum caster forks are also available with quick-release axles, permitting a quick mounting or removal of the caster wheels by simply pushing a button.








Additional set of caster wheels

Equipped with a quick-release axle and an additional set (inclusive caster wheel and fork) you can change your caster wheels quickly and adapt them to different requirements.






Caster shock protection

The shock protection for casters protects your furniture, doors and of course your wheelchair from unwanted scratches. It is available for all models of our Mio family (Mio, Mio Carbon and Mio Move).










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